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      Environmental Win in Latest Recycling News

      Household Yellow Bins Soft Plastic Recycling Pilot Program
      A pilot program expanding the way Australians dispose of their waste is replacing the failed REDcycle scheme for recycling soft plastics.

      The National Plastics Recycling Scheme (NPRS) will allow some households in South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria to place plastic waste in a supplied bag and dispose of it in their recycling bin.

      The plastics will then be recycled into new food-grade packaging. The Australian Food and Grocery Council, which developed the program, is trialing it in six councils across the three states and plans to expand it further.

      It was estimated that the previous REDcycle scheme only collected about 2% of Australia's soft plastics, and the NPRS aims to address the remaining 98%.

      This pilot program is the overwhelming favourite among more than 1,000 trial participants, compared to the alternative supermarket drop off scheme. It is hoped that with easier access to soft plastics recycling, more Australians will become involved.

      Custom Recyclable Packaging

      Our recyclable wraps and bags are made using only the highest quality 100% original raw material.

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      This is a huge win for Australian small business owners, who have been moving towards recyclable soft plastics packaging materials given the looming 2025 single use plastics ban!

      Coffee Bags Direct is passionate about soft plastics recycling and has many packaging products available.

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