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      Coffee Bags Direct is proud to continue to push for improvements in sustainable packaging solutions. We are determined to provide the most sustainable options without compromising the quality, integrity and presentation of your product.

      Our recyclable wraps and bags are made using only the highest quality 100% original raw material. Utilising a mono-polymer or single-polymer barrier our product ensures no material contamination and an easy product for recycling. Known as soft-plastics as they do not contain a foil lining. Current barrier permeation testing of the advanced PE polymer is yielding excellent results, far improved against LLDPE and others.

      Thanks to the popularity soft plastics are now accepted at many organisation based recycling programs – with collection bins located at most Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.
      Due to their softer material structure, when compared to traditional plastics, some local city council recycling plants are not yet tooled up to accept soft plastics. We recommend you check with your local council guides for confirmation around their ability to recycle of soft plastics.