Coffee Bags Direct is a pioneer of coffee, tea, and food packaging, providing custom designed packing solutions for food ingredients, coffee beans, loose leaf teas and health foods. Our range of bags and pouches is designed to accommodate any and all packaging requirements, from the most delicate roasted Panama Geisha Arabica coffee beans to robust smoked Wagyu jerky. Beyond this, our specialization is custom made coffee bags and food pouches; more than solely a purveyor of pre-made packaging products, we create to your specifications the perfect solution to your particular packing needs.

The options for customising your particular packaging pouches are extensive, ranging from size and materials to colour and design. We strive to offer the best quality packaging solutions, down to the last exacting details that our design team can incorporate for you.


The First Impression

We understand that the product itself is not what will immediately draw the eyes of a customer; rather, it is the packaging that is the point of first contact a consumer has with your product. By presenting an attractive first impression to wandering eyes, we offer a means to present your product in the best light possible. Standing out from the crowd can be a challenging endeavour, and that is our speciality.


Our Design Process

Making an order with Coffee Bags Direct is simple; we work hand in hand with our clients to turn your designs into a shelf-ready product. For custom bags, simply contact us with your artwork and logo files, and we’ll design and send you a product sample to fit your packaging requirements. Once you have approved the final design, a deposit payment is made and we can begin mass production of the design; final payment is only due upon delivery, ensuring you love your design and breaking the payment down.

coffee bags direct custom coffee bags


Each bag is guaranteed an airtight seal, holding in its content’s rich flavour. This seal is backed up with a puncture proof lining that is incorporated throughout the bag, protecting your product while ensuring its freshness through from its initial bagging right on to the very last serving. The materials used in Coffee Bags Direct’s bags and pouches are all chosen for their protective and presentation qualities, resulting in a durable yet stylish display for your product.

A product run with us can range from a few hundred bags to tens of thousands of individual units, and each bag can be volume specified to hold anywhere from a boutique serving to several kilograms of product. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you might have about your order; our staff and art team are at your disposal to ensure you are satisfied with the entire process.


Edge to Edge, Full Colour Printing

Coffee Bags Direct offers full edge to edge printing on each custom designed bag and pouch. No space need be wasted, as the full surface of each bag can be used to create as elegant or bold a design as you can envision. To enhance this design process, Coffee Bags Direct employs a high definition printing technique to get the very best visuals out of each and every custom bag and pouch, leaving the final product as visually stunning as your brand deserves.

Ordering your custom printed packaging bags through Coffee Bags Direct allows you to fully customize your product with a multitude of sizes and shapes, window placement locations, designs, and colour options. Your bag can be made partially transparent with a viewing window in order to give your customers a tantalising glimpse at your product, or printed with high definition images to fully display your brand’s quality of product.


Custom Printed Labels

If time or circumstance don’t allow for a fully customised package order, Coffee Bags Direct offers a custom label printing service. Designed as our most flexible packaging option, our custom printed labels can be applied directly to stock bags and pouches to quickly create shelf-ready packaging. This option caters for time critical orders, lower quantity orders, product trials and design experimentation. Despite the more time condensed process, each and every label made by Coffee Bags Direct is printed to the same demanding standards of quality as all of our products and reflect our stringent adherence to quality.

The label printing process uses our high definition single colour or multi-colour techniques, allowing you to add full colour photographic images, cut to the precise size and shape you require. Our design team can work with you to determine the exact requirements of your label, in order to make your product unique, identifiable, and distinctly aligned with your brand.


Multiple Core Designs

Coffee Bags Direct offers a flexible array of base designs from which to create your ideal product package. Whatever product or design direction your brand pursues, our range of bag and pouch designs will have an option to cater to your needs. Our range includes side gusset designs, resealable rip-top bags, box bottom bags, and standing pouches, all with a fully customisable variety of sizes and weight capacities.

In addition to our range of bags and pouches, we also stock foot-pedal and hand-held sealing tools for resealing samples or your own packaging requirements.


Leaders in Packaging

Coffee Bags Direct leads the culinary and brewers packaging industry with our commitment to design excellence and innovation. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality packaging solutions, meticulously designing and creating bags and pouches to suit the precise needs of each order. At Coffee Bags Direct our goal is to offer your business premium packaging solutions that cater directly to your needs, putting your brand directly into the hands of your customers. We settle for nothing but the highest quality from our creations, and we hope to place this dedication to quality at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding designs or general inquires for your order; it would be our pleasure to assist you in creating the perfect solution to your design and presentation needs.